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Paul_Pauline a Year On!

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I think it was the opposite. You had already left by then. It was after we went to the Trafford Center I believe. The four of us had a few games of pool and darts.

I remember someone hitting Runic in the finger with a dart actually. :P It was K@ that did that wasn't it?

Matthew K.:
LOL Nice, K@

It was Bryan that did the fulcrum and it was Pauline who threw the offending dart, coz I remember her shrieking and Paul pissing himself! :)

Well. Laughs were had by all. :P

Jacob F:
I hate to bump threads, but it seems in the what, 4 months or so that I never even was able to step foot in this forum, so much went by. I didn't know either of them in real life, and I didn't really know of them very much on this community, but I still feel at a loss. I hate when people die, whether of natural, forced, or self-imposed causes. I only hope he knew Jesus Christ as his Saviour. Then the sorrow could turn into joy.

Regardless of all of that, my deepest sympathies go out to the family. It seems like they both were really good people. :(


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