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logo and menu help with mystic jade

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i need help bad!!! im using the mystic jade theme and i need help on changing the big mystic jade on the top of the page. and i dont know how to add pages to the main menu. someone please help me out.

I think more details are needed. Do you want to change an image? Main menu...what pages do you want to add? Version of SMF? How about a link to your site with the theme defaulted for Guests? :)

main menu where is lists home, profile, messages. and simple pages, nothing to impressive. ah the lastest version, i believe SMF 2.0.2......and the domain is

How do I add buttons to SMF 2.0?

For the logo, overwrite this image here with the same sized image:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
What size is your logo? The one above is 400 wide and 100 tall (and also has the overall background color in the image). If yours differs, you will need to edit the CSS for that theme accordingly.

thank you so much for your help.....but i cant find where to put a logo in my admin....


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