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Getting white screen, server errors


I've had server issues the past few days. Now after that is all ironed out, I cannot access my SMF forum. Just get a white screen.

The hosting company is telling me it's a "coding issue." They said the error logs showed the following types of errors

Premature end of script headers: index.php
suexec failure: could not open log file
 fopen: Permission denied
Premature end of script headers: 500.php

I've made no edits at all to this forum. Everything was running smoothly until the server went down several times the past days (disc space issue that's been resolved).

Can someone help me troubleshoot this? I can't tell if the hosting company has changed something or what to look for.

青山 素子:
At least one of those errors look like a server file permission error. Potentially, that's preventing things from running.

Thank you. It was an error in the database. I'm assuming something that happened when my server was down twice last week. Who knows. It definitely wasn't what they were trying to tell me it was. I wish hosts wouldn't always try to pass the buck   *sigh*

Thank you!


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