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I've posted on this in the past and didn't get any replies, but I saw something today that stirred my interest once more.

I noticed that, when sending a PM to someone on this forum, if you click preview, it will reload the page with the preview on the top. However, when you are replying to a thread, and you click preview, it loads the preview above the box but doesn't move the screen up as well. So, unless you know what to expect, you wonder why nothing happened...

Is there an easy way to code it in so that the way the preview of a private message works can be used for post previews as well?
Thanks for any input! :)

That's a damned good point!

I've always wondered about that, too.

You've been a fervent supporter of my cause since I first mentioned this. :)
Maybe someone with some expertise will help us out a bit?  8)

* K@ won't hold his breath.
Fingers crossed, though. :)



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