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Undefined Error

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perhaps is this one Thank-o-matic since it is compatible with the hide tag mod last time I checked.

If that is the case then it falls back to a mistake in the code rather than a true error,  the mod author is checking if the hide tag mod is installed and doing the check on the var itself is what is causing the error since that var will never exists because you don't have that mod installed.

Attach your Sources/Display.php file here to take a look.

Ah I see.  That makes sense.  Thanks.

OK, use this one, I changed

if ($disable_unhideafter)


if (isset($disable_unhideafter))

To perform the check on the existence of the var, avoiding errors.

How did that one get through the vetting: improperly checking if another mod is installed? Anyway, someone please notify the mod author and get them to update their code!

Much Grass, Suki!  Looks like that fixed it!


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