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I still haven't found a guide to install new themes. Someone talked about a guide to the theme_info.xml, and I've yet to see that guide. I got a little request from my members to make a new theme that's smaller, I can make it, but I will be unable to install it. Where can I find this guide to install new themes? Notice, install and [/B]add[/B] new themes. Not creating one.

You install themes from the admin center. The easiest way to do this is to create a directory in the "Themes" directory with all the images and anything else needed for your theme, and then install it from that directory from the "Themes and Layout Settings" area of the admin center.

theme_info.xml is pretty easy to use. Just open it up in notepad and edit the appropriate things.

i think PD is re-writing the help files.  maybe it'll be in the next beta.

here what I have done to install a new theme:
*make a new folder in the theme folder (new theme name)
*make a copy of the default theme then changing its preferences to  reflect (new theme name) not the one that it creates.
* delete the created folder.

That way copies too much.  Why not just click "Create New"?  It only copies the neccessary files, and probably also the only ones you'll change.

You might also copy over the images; but most of the templates and languages should NOT be copied over, so as to keep your theme portable.



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