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How to increase website traffic?

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bequitta thomas, Jr.:
hey everyone i am really facing a challenge in order to get more website traffic hence I would request you all to help me out to get some brilliant ways which can increase the website traffic.

Many site owners do SEO works for their website to increase website traffic.
But the important thing is you should have a quality content. The relevancy of your content is important and the right use of your keywords. Link building is also effective. You have to use quality backlinks. Some SEO internet marketer use forum link building, but you have to be careful so that forum will not think you're a spammer.

Angie KidneyKorner:
Is there a non-spammy way to do link building? If posting links on sites and forums are the only way at least there are sites that do let you promote your site on theirs. They actually do exist and advertise that they are there for that reason. But I have always just stuck with sticking to a particular topic (too many and it isn't focused and doesn't have a clear theme) and put in my link to search engine submission forms.

But I really don't know how to make a site really popular ..  Only site I ever had that grew to 400,000 members in less than a year was an anime site lol. I guess it really just depends on the topic / theme you are going for for your site..

You need to have a good seo to increase website traffic,that is the best way for you to do..

to increase website traffic you can do the following things:
1) Increase your rankings on search engines through proper on page and off page optimization.
2) Opt for PPC mode of advertising
3) Choose banner ads and text link advertisng.
4) Participate in communities and forums and be helpful . People will certainly look towards you when then need your services.

5) Run contests and competitions
6)Engage prospective customers on social media sites.
7) Write interesting blog and article and you will certainly get traffic in herds.


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