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I'm running SMF 2.0.1 and SMF has taken over my admin area forcing me to upgrade and every link to upgrade takes me no where.

I'm not happy that SMF can change files on my website.

What's your position SMF?

I don't like the captha stuff here either

We can not and do not "take over" nor do or can we change ny files on your site without activity on your part....

There is a news from SMF section which will flag and encourage you to update, but we don't change any files until you install the upgrade package.

And the link takes you to them upgrade package....

I just uploaded SMF 2.0.1 and once again my admin area is paralyzed until I upgrade.

So if my admin pages are changed YOU had something to do with it.

If you want to go there and take a look I'll email you the user and password to get into the admin area so you can see for yourself.

SMF does not hijack or change files on any forum whatsoever. If your admin controls are locked, it is possible that your forum has been hacked, but not by SMF. 
The captcha will go away after a certain number of posts. It is there to deter spambots from posting.


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