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You know, after all the changes you guys made to the template and the general look and feel, the look here is actually really nice.  The forums no longer look like the old 1999 based UBB stuff, you have a real nice and clean web site with hints of cool technology.

To whomever was working on the template breaks and borders, awesome job!  Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong :P


I did some (the parts that don't look as good...) and Joseph Fung did other parts.  It was entirely his idea, and I also very like it.

Thanks... we hope for the best ;D.


Daniel D.:
What about changing the order of the buttons in message index ? Now they're not logical sorted (grammar ?). Put "Mark as Read" to the right.

there's still a problemin Opera. I have to go into user mode to browse the site correctly. I haven't got a clue what it does, but it appears to disable the style sheet.

Whicih version of Opera do you use?  Me and Jack.R.Abbit can probably both vouch for it working perfectly in 7...



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