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SMF's ban policy and how to "appeal" it.

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--- Quote from: Valodim on September 23, 2007, 07:26:43 PM ---those aren't new rules, those are common sense guidelines written down ;)

--- End quote ---

Yep :P

Nikki Sixx:

--- Quote from: metallica48423 on September 22, 2007, 05:37:04 PM ---Would this be a letter that you would send to your elected government official?  If not, redo it.

--- End quote ---

Of course, this point excludes George W. Bush since he was never elected, who deserves the vilest smut you can humanly think up!

青山 素子:
Let's keep off-topic discussion over in Chit-Chat.

i was shocked when i seen this news in Main Site


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