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Developed by 4kstore for
Created by [SiNaN]
SMF 1.1.X AND 2.0.1

El soporte oficial de los desarrolladores de nuestros mods lo encontraras en

Time to see who viewed a topic. This modification enhances the topic log function of SMF and gives you the ability to view the log of the topic you want.

Con este mod usted podra ver un completo log de los usuarios que visitaron un tema


* Display view count for each member
* Display post count for each member in topic
* Display last view time
* 8 ways of sorting the list
* Pagination
* 2 types of 'View Topic Log' permission
* Show log topic name in who's online

* Muestra cantidad de visitas de cada usuario
* Muestra cantidad de respuestas de cada usuarios en ese topic
* Muestra la ultima vez que visito el tema
* 8 formas de ordenar las tablas
* Paginacion
* 2 tipos de permisos
* Muestra log topic en la lista de Who`s online

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Language Support | Lenguajes Soportados
- English
- Spanish_latin
- Spanish_latin-utf8
- Spanish_es
- Spanish_es-utf8
- Portuguese
- Portuguese-utf8
- Brazilian-utf8
- Brazilian
- Polish

Topic View Log
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Nice mod thx sinan :)

Where does it show?

very nice modification, I have a large forum, and creating the topic log will cost some time, but great work!!!

Well done again Sinan


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