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Simple Machines adds team dedicated to internationalization

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I see the team went with Sepia for the badge then. Couldn't come up with anything better? :P

Anyway, congrats to the new two people. :P

There some problem with Hebrew, the translation are OK, but there is no RTL support for Babylon template (default).
You should add transformed to Hebrew default templates.

Cause only translation is not enough for Hebrew and Arabic.


--- Quote from: GravuTrad on May 25, 2009, 07:42:19 AM ---translation of what?

this one isn't ok?;lang=italian

--- End quote ---
I've problems with the UTF-8 version... if I try to download it from the admin dedicated area SMF says there aren't files to download.
Instead the non-utf8 package works properly...

Please post your issue in the proper board.

Another great step, thanks SMF Team


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