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Hi there!

Good words!
Let us see if there will also be good works!

This is very interesting, I'll be on the news, thank you very much  ;)

Regards enik...

Well Norv ... Great plan ... but how long is the time to see a final 2.1 or a 3.0?
For the 2.0 the team needs more then 4 years ... and I think the "one man show" need longer to 3.0 ...

As long as the development team is not changed significantly, and increased with experienced programmers, rather drift a meteor the earth, as it will give an SMF 3.0 ...

we hope that the release is 2.1 will take less time then 2.0 did but we will not put a strict deadline on it.

What about "clode" as code name? Our "cloud"?


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