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Problem with SQLite and SMF

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I had the forum running for almost 1 month - 2 months, but yesterday I wanted to go the forum and the page stayed blank.

I re-installed SMF (I did a backup from the old .db) and was working like a charm, then I replaced the database with my forum database and again, the same error.

So then, I believe that it's a database error, what could it be? It's the second time that this happends to me and I don't want to start a new forum from 0 again..


Few general questions.

Do you have any mod installed?
If so which?

Are you using the default theme? If no, does it work with the default?

You may want to try to install SQLiteManager (see this post for instructions on how to set it up) and see if you can still access your database.

Hey there,

Yes, I only have installed Simple Portal v2.2, and the skin that I use is Inferno.

And becouse the forum is blank, I can't change the theme problem, so I don't know if it's a theme problem.


You can add "?theme=1" to the url of your forum (i.e. http://www.yoursit/yourforu/index.php?theme=1) and the theme will be changed to default. :)


It's still not working :(

What could it be?



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