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Guidelines Update (Customization License)

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yes, what we have done so far does allow that, if the package uses the tag
(as I said, see the Optimus Brave mod at the bottom of the list)

New tags: website, copyright and license (all optional of course)
The website tag is used around the name of the mod,
If the copyright tag is not defined, a string "by <name of the modder>" is used -- filled from the package info.
if the license tag is defined, a link to the license is included after the author/copyright

note: we're still working on the final format of this stuff...   I added the code update to my test site specifically because it's a good way to test it with 160 mods installed.

edit2- I'll make a mod package in a bit which does this change so people can see the actual effect and experiment with their own mods.


--- Quote from: Kindred on February 08, 2012, 01:31:16 PM ---we definitely have plans for it in future source.

see for a preview of what we have played around with so far.  Specifically, look at the end of the list for the optimus brave entry...

--- End quote ---
Does it do it automatically, ie. no need for the mod to manually do it??

well, right now (in 2.0) it would be a mod...
I believe that it is planned to add for 2.1.

of course, to take full advantage of it, the mod packages will have to add the correct tags as well.

LogoOff Team:
do you mean to change this, even that file is originaly from default theme?

eg index.template.php

--- Code: ---/**
 * Simple Machines Forum (SMF)
 * @package SMF
 * @author Simple Machines
 * @copyright 2011 Simple Machines
 * @license BSD
 * @version 2.0.2
--- End code ---

Have a look at this topic, it should answer your questions. :)


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