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Liking what I see so far.  Very nice work.

Beta 4, when comments must be approved, after commenting, the user gets no feedback that they've commented.  Similar when comments are auto-approved.

Beta4, when approving comments.  Remove selected or remove all doesn't get rid of the comment.  You end up needing to approve it and then delete it from the article.

I don't mean to sound like a twit or, anything like that.  I was just wondering...

Normally, a Knowledge Base is just a list of important information a user may be looking for.  I honestly don't see a need for any KB articles to have comments.


It would be interesting to read your comments about this.

I think I'll probably leave comments on as a way for my clients to suggest enhancements to the KB, and I would remove the comments after the enhancements were implemented.


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