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Show Tooltips for Message Icons


I'm using a set of pretty specific message icons on my boards to indicate certain types of posts. I'd like for users to be able to mouse over the icons when they're looking at a message board and see the message icon's description, but that doesn't seem to be built in, right?

I'm looking at MessageIndex.template.php, lines 253-255 (SMF 2.02):

--- Code: ---<td class="icon2 ', $color_class, '">
<img src="', $topic['first_post']['icon_url'], '" alt="" />
--- End code ---
Is there a way I can grab the message icon's description from here, and plug it into the blank alt tag? I'm just not sure of the variable syntax I'd need to use...

I do not believe that the message icon's description is pulled anywhere other than in the admin page for managing them. You'd have to add some code to pull that information in.

Exactly -- I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can grab it, or if I can even pass the value from MessageIndex.template.php. Possible?


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