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Search for the word "clicklog" under my username and there are no results

Search for the word "log" under my username and you get three results, onle of which contains the work "clicklog"

It missed it the word completely when I searched for "clicklog"

Interesting. If you search for "Clicklog" (note case) then it picks it up...

Is it me or does it work now?

"clicklog" by Fizzy



It's still missing the result for

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Started by sneedo, Message by Fizzy Relevance: 28%
Hi Ben,

I tried using webalizer but it didn't perform well. The analog was blated compared to clicklog - clicklog was perfect for my needs.

- spot on. I cranked the settings up to allow me to keep track of some pretty nasty characters. By cranking up the log record I was able to track and trace for the whole day.

Does that mean that we will also be losing the whole of Forum Access Log from the Admin Panel? url referer for search engine hit results ? etc ?
It would be really handy if we could have a look at the admin panel for SMF, maybe on a test board with the settings.php set to read only so no-one could mess it up ? ? ? 
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that thread comes up under a search for "log" but not "clicklog".


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