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Wheres the function?

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--- Quote from: MLM on March 21, 2011, 06:24:45 PM ---I am doing it to all functions i can find... I have almost all done but the ones in that list..

--- End quote ---

You create template_something_above() to be the div opening, template_something_below() to be the div closing and use $context['template_layers'][] = 'something' to drive it, job done, air tight, slam dunk, good night.

You can even use that in a theme, if you look in the theme_info.xml file you will see an indicator of what theme layers to use, just add 'something' to that list.

But hey, if you really think modifying a few hundred functions is your idea of a good time, please don't let me stop you.

I have to since I do not want surrounding divs on all pages and on some content...

What I am doing is fine and it looks awesome for what i have so far.

I really just need to know where the heck those page templates are or how to add them to the respective files.

*shrug* Go nuts. There are still smarter ways of doing what you're trying to do but you're quite happy doing it long hand. Have fun.

Thanks, lol. I can tell you don't like this but i am already well well into editing them all. Any solutions to what i am asking?

The only solutions I have are much more subtle, far less ham-fisted and require more knowledge of what you're doing, but go ahead as you're already so far along.


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