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Wheres the function?

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I am but i cant finish unless i know how to find or add those pages..

*shrug* I can't help you without more details of what you're trying to do, especially as some of the things in your list are the same functions but called in different ways.

I'm sorry for not taking the easy route and layering but i am srsly really far into this theme. I will definitely use it in future themes (always learning)

Lets just take this page for example: ?action=admin;area=viewmembers;sa=all;

I want to put a div around the content below the sub menu bar (View All Members - Search For Members)

I know it is generated with show_list however it is used on pages inside wrapped divs and it will look bad if i style in that function.

Most pages have a there own template function that i add around but this page does not. Can I just add it to the ManageMembers template file?

Why the hell are you asking me? It's your theme, do what you like with it provided you don't mess with the copyright. It's almost irrelevant what I say, you'll do your own thing anyway.

(You haven't told me WHY you need to modify that code, what is so important about putting a div there.)

I am asking anyone.

I am putting a div there so it fits the rest of the theme.


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