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By : Ricky.  |  My More Themes
For SMF 2.0 , SMF 2.0.1, SMF 2.0.2

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A unique theme created using blue, green and gray colors utilizing Css3 to achieve most of its design effect. This theme allows you to add link to your Privacy Policy Page directly through Admin menu and it will be visible in footer through out the forum, no need to edit code for this. Similarly , you can add link to your Terms and Services and Contact us page from Admin Menu.

You can change theme features at :
SMF Admin --> Configuration --> Current Theme
(Assuming that Theme Concept3 has been selected as overall SMF theme on your forum).


* A fluid width theme, you can set forum width as per your need in Admin Menu
* Allow you add your own logo from them Admin Menu
* Disable / Enable top side box showing time from Admin
* Utilizing CSS3 supported by all modern browser
* Allows you to add custom copyright in footer
* Allows you to add link to Privacy Policy page in footer
* Allows you to add link to Contact us page in footer
* Allows you to add link to Terms of Services page in footer
Some Screenshots


06-03-2012 : Fixed minor issue with layout on Webkit based browsers like Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

In the Last
If you use my theme and liked it then kindly give your comment or atleast saying thanks can be really helpful and encouraging.

Interesting theme. I am going to try this one out. Nice work.
Thanks.  :)

Really nice work  there Ricky. ;D

Hey thanx crip and busterone.

Its looking good, only problem can see is the login bar guest because you have FB integration installed, you can disable quick login bar from Admin --> features and Options --> Layout .

But coming to your actual question, this theme uses mostly css3 to create most of is effect, try viewing this theme in latest browser, you should see it fine.


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