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Why chmod 777 is NOT a security risk

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for those who understand french and who don't believe that cause thieves exist we have to let our house's door open (without be present)...:

I had things set to 777 once and got hacked, the host said that is why. so Im confused.

can someone list what files should be 777, 775, etc? AFTER the install or upgrade?

Getting hacked isn't caused by 777. Sounds like you're host doesn't know what they're talking about IMO. Getting hacked is usually through bad code that isn't secure, which allows a hacker to exploit the code to do things on the server. Simply having a file set to 777 isn't an exploit. If that was the case, there would be FAR more sites getting hacked out there...

Very true. :)

I would prefer to use 755 which is working, but would like to use package manager.  I could temporarily change the necessary files to 777, use package manager and then change the files back to 755.  Which files what I need to change to 777?


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