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if I use that link:!/untitledmage/status/16882729425163059

twitter says it doesn't exists...

thats why you get the undefined error, the mod can't access that status.

on the time the tweet is posted i click with the right button and open link in other window and copy the adress.!/Lord__stewie/status/169168270597951488 [nofollow]

https:// link

It's the same issue other have reported, I still need to figure it out why the regex for the single status is failing, maybe twitter changed the url, I dunno, it depends on the type of url and the actual profile, for some users it display the status just fine.

i'll disable the [tweet] tag atm, until you have that sorted.

Thanks for the help.

I think that Twitter did change the urls. For me, this doesn't work with the mod:!/Lord__stewie/status/169168270597951488

But this link does:


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