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Joshua Dickerson:
I just wanted to take a moment and recognize the Doc Team and Doc Helpers because they have made me so proud.

Very few people join the SMF team to join the Documentation Team. When they do, it is known that it is a stepping stone to another position (an easy way in). There are very few people that like being on the Doc Team, even in the SMF team as a whole. In the past the Doc Team has had a few very hard workers but, in my opinion, never been as strong as it is now. We recently (yesterday) grew even stronger with the addition of emanuele. The wiki has made it possible for many people to work on documentation simultaneously and made it possible to do things that the forum customization can't.

I am so proud that even though I just started a new job and haven't had a lot of time lately. Yet, the team and helpers haven't missed a beat. They recently ported all of the documentation over from the old manual and created some scripts/bots to handle any more work that needs to be done on them. They are now working on fixing up the glossary and making linked terms look nicer.

We have help from Relyana, Sleepy and the translators in figuring out how to do translations. There are several helpers and team members that have been instrumental in porting the articles. Extensions are being added and the skin is being tweaked.

Once again, I really am so proud to be "leading" this team with a great group of people!

That's true. Doc Team gets better every day! :D

Way to go, Doc team!

Thanks from the rest of us, too! :)

Nice to hear that team :)

Jacob F:
I'm happy to see that our work is appreciated. :) I really have enjoyed working with you guys. :)


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