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Hello guys,

First of all I would like to thank you for the best site ever, it looks cool, helpful administrators, cool mods. But recently I was thinking to create a forum, then I got an older version of SMF, I wanted to upgrade it and be able to install packages and whatsoever, anyway the problem is, I don't know how to install, not at all, really confused with these stuff.. so.. could anyone help me here? With steps please, coz' you know, I'm baby steps. :nervous-happy:

Oh btw, there is one problem, on SMF site, I cannot access to my database or anything, it won't login, won't request another password, or anything, although they've sent me a password earlier this day, same with SMF Support Site, they said they've emailed me to identify me.. but still, there is no message till now, neither in my inbox nor spam box. What can I do?

Bottom Line: I DO NOT know anything about updating my forum, no ANYTHING, not AT ALL.
So best is to tell me it step by step.

NOTE: I've already had a look on SMF Wiki, and I still don't get anything. So please don't bother yourself postin' em for me. :)

.. Bump.

Suppah please do not bump within 24 hours we are all volunteers and reply if and when we know the answer

also the issues you are having seem related to your hosting and we cant do anything to help you with them.


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