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Diego Andrés:
Team Page
This mod gives you a fully customizable team page for your forum.
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Updated on: 19th July 2012
Current Author: Diego Andrés
Author: Dream Portal
Original creator: ccbtimewiz
Type: New Feature
Available since: 22th September 2009
Latest version: 3.6
Compatible with: SMF 2.0, SMF 2.0.1, SMF 2.0.2
Available languages:

What does it do?
Team Page enable a customizable page to show the members of the team of your forum. You can choose which membergroups to show in your team page, and also change some settings for the page.

How to use
To use Team Page, download the package from the SMF customization site, and install it via your Package Manger.
It should add a new page in your forum displaying the members of the team. You can also set your own settings in the * admin center for customize your team page.

* = Settings are located in
Admin > Configuration > Manage Team Page (2.0)

Support & comments
If you have a problem with this mod, want to comment, or have any question, please post to the modification support topic and I will reply as soon as possible.

Other information
Translation of this mod
o I am always happy to get translations of my work so that more users can use it. If you have translated this modification, please post the translation in the support topic.
Please make sure you have translated everything, and that there are no spelling misstakes etc.
Also, please post both a non-UTF8 version and a UTF8 version.
o Thanks ccbtimewiz, the original creator.

+ New and comfortable design for the Team Page
> Added Spanish translation
+ Now you can show the group description
* Added SMF 2.0.2 support
$ New version 3.6
3.6 | July 19 2012
$ Team Page taken over by Diego Andrés

Changelog legend
+ New feature
- Feature removal
! Bugfix
> New language
< Removed language
* New version support
$ Initial release / Big updateVersionnames
Format: $.o.x.!

$ New version
o New features added
x Bugfix
! Small bugfix / New version support

Passed versions of this mod

Nice mod. I installed it with no problem but I have one suggestion.
Why not using the language strings from SMF instead of having them in the mod. For non English forums the "Send XXX a personal message" and "Last Login:" text would be in the correct language without having us to translate the mod. :)

Maybe I do that in future Releases.
Translations Will be welcome :)

Thank you for your feedback


Nice mod, however atm not usable to me: a team member will only be showed in 1 group, even when he/she is member of several groups. I prefer that team members will be showed in all groups they are member of.


That's very hard to do right now, the query is built to expect one group
Perhaps version 3.5 ;)

Thank's for your feedback.



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