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SSI integration changed

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I use custom pages. How this is changed?

--- Code: ---<?php
$ssi_gzip = true;
$ssi_ban = true;
$ssi_layers = array('main');
$context['page_title'] = 'ytutu.Net -  haun tulokset';
$ssi = include('/var/www/fs5671/0/567567/public_html/foorumi/SSI.php');

if (!$ssi)
   echo 'Serverillä näyttää olevan ongelmia. Ole hyvä ja yritä myöhemmin uudelleen.';

--- End code ---

Well for starters, there is no longer a layer called 'main'. It has been split into 'body' and 'html' layers.

So you would probably want to change the $ssi_layers part of code to:

--- Code: ---$ssi_layers = array('html', 'body');
--- End code ---

Okay, now i get

--- Code: ---Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ssi_shutdown() (previously declared in /var/www/fs1/0/public_html/foorumi/SSI.php:182) in /var/www/fs1/0/public_html/tetst/SSI.php on line 184
--- End code ---

edit: wait a minute. That second path is wrong. Hmmm, wonder why.

You don't happen to have ssi_shutdown() declared a second time anywhere do you?

It seems from the error message you may be loading SSI from both /foorumi/SSI.php and tetst/SSI.php at the same time?

try using require_once() or include_once on SSI.php instead of include or require.

For some strange reason i found that i had this happen for some reason in my script.


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