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Important Notice: Do you use Filezilla? Avatars and Attachments lost?

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Ah, the good old ZX80, with integer handling, a Z80 processor clocked at 3.57MHz IIRC, much improved when ZX81 came out :)

My first was a VIC-20.  Display was on a TV, and my black and white just wasn't cutting it, so my first color TV was bought just for the VIC.  I wrote some simple graphics programs in BASIC - simple (by today's standards) was all the machine was capable of - and typed in a lot of programs from magazines.

Ok, I haven't backup in a week so I am gonna backup today but I want to make sure the image shown:
is correct? SO that it doesn't not mess up the avatars and attachments.

Of course by far the fastest way to back up folders, if you have cPanel access, is to use the cPanel file manager. This is a lot faster than FTP and has no problems with any folders or their content.

Ok, the setting should be uncheck ONLY on attachments and avatar folder, is there other folders I should be worried about that need to be download as Binary?


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