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Making the wiki more personal.

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Angelina Belle:
K@,  I think you are doing just great.
In the FAQs, I am very happy to have "You".
In the non-FAQs, I generally prefer things less personal.

A little rewriting to make things crystal clear is very good.

People can always come along and fix up spelling later.  Sometimes I miss the difference between British and American spellings, myself.  A lifetime of reading books from both sides of the pond, and a short time working for a British company.

Having to switch between the two must be a right giggle.

It's the zeds and zees that get me.

Customis(z)e and all that stuff.

When I'm typing to someone, I even, sometimes, do that "s(z)" thing, now.

I've probably done it to you, in PM, haven't I?

I don't even think about it, now. It's become kinda second-nature, here, for me. :)

Angelina Belle:


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