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That's really sweet of you to offer to try to run the conversion, Brad, but my database isn't under 10MB when it's zipped. It's not even under 25MB when it's zipped. Heck, it's not even under 50. It's 57.3MB. (Remember that there're 79K records in this puppy.)

Hmmm; you just gave me an idea: I think I'll make a copy of the database structure and then import a small handful of records into it, then try the conversion. If that works, then I could do the conversion in chunks, I guess.

No, wait: I can't, can I? Oh, phoo. Unless ... unless I comment out the part of the convert script that empties out the SMF database! Whatcha think?


I don't think you could do it in chunks. It shouldn't be a problem. I converted a board just a couple of weeks ago with 170K posts. It takes a bit, but it should be able to handle it without problems. If your db is that big zipped, you can always put it up on your site for me to download then send me a link. Then I could just grab it, you can then remove it. Otherwise we are stuck here going back and forth about the errors and trying to make sense of it all. lol

Thanks very much, Brad! I plan to take you up on it. I think I'm gonna wait, though, until the staff and I are finished banging on it and I get all my planned mods in, so that if there's any data corruption, I do it on the test bed and not on the live forums. So soon, kay? And thanks a great big bunch for the offer! I appreciate it a lot!



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