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We recently converted our forum from 1.14 to 2.02. We followed the usual steps and did so without any noticeable issue, except for a bug in the subs.php menu referenced HERE. Mods installed are SMF Gallery Lite and Simple Portal.

A few days ago, members started reporting problems with characters in new posts. When members have used other languages (likely copied directly from a translator)  Å shows instead of some of the typed characters. In older posts, everything from the first "foreign" character on will have disappeared. I checked the database and that information is still "there" it just is not showing up on the smf side of things.

The admin panel on the smf side of the forum shows that ISO-8859-1/English is the language installed. I did convert HTML-entities to UTF-8 characters through the SMF control panel.  The file index.english-utf8.php is missing from the files on the host. I thought it was there when we ran 1.14. The other account manager on this forum/host says he did not remove the file when he upgraded to 2.02. but said when he upgraded,  index.english.php replaced the index.english-utf8.php in the themes/default/languages file.

So my question is

1) is this just a language problem  that can be fixed by finding and adding the english-utf8.php file?
2) if not, what do I need to do from here?

Finding the language files, here, is a bit of a nightmare, I'm afraid. They're in a really illogical place, for some reason.

English UTF-8 is here:;lang=english

PROPER English UTF-8 ;) is here:;lang=english_british

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have been looking for that languages page for days! :)

I added the utf-8 files in the themes/default/languages file, the forum is set to english/utf8 but foreign characters are still not showing. This is where I lack knowledge because I thought the purpose of utf8 was so that one didn't have to add each individual language fie. It is impossible for me to know which language someone might use as the forum itself is in english but many people use various languages as the traditional language of characters in certain parts of the stories they are telling.

So, what should I try next?

Just an update because I failed to mention this in the earlier post.
1)Database through phpmyadmin shows that all tables are collated with utf8 and character sets are utf8 as well.
2) HTML convert to utf8 was done and shows completed
3) Settings php file on the server also lists $language = 'english-utf8'; in Forum Information and $db_character_set = 'utf8'; in Database Information
4)All foreign characters are still displaying incorrectly once posted.  For example bohové becomes bůh sakra BUT in the modify post screen they characters appear as they should. For example bůh sakra becomes bohové.

Any help on where to go from here is appreciated.

Are you sure,that all english-UTF-8 language files have been replaced properly ? I don't have much idea about this UTF-8 thing,but the problem is mostly,that languages files are not completely in UTF-8 format


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