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--- Quote ---Hello frakme,

Sorry to have gotten so late to this issue. Please, let us know if the problem of your forum is still unsolved.
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, no. It did not fix the errors that appear only in the post and preview area of new forum posts. 

Can you please:
- log in phpmyadmin, your SMF database
- and run the following query:

--- Code: ---SELECT * FROM `smf_settings` WHERE `variable` = 'global_character_set';

--- End code ---
(replace 'smf_' accordingly with your actual database prefix)
Please do tell what the result is.

Also, could you eventually post a link to your forum?

Running that query didn't work either. I just noticed the verification image for the registration page isn't working either. That is usually related to language so I can't image they aren't related.

Sorry, I wasn't clear enough: the query wasn't supposed to fix the problem, but I would need to know exactly its result. Please, could you paste it here?

The entire message you get from MySQL.

No that's on me, its what I get for  trying to work when I should have been sleeping. Sorry about that. I ran the query and I did not get any kind of error message.


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