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Tagging System For Topics (3.0 Released)

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A tagging system for SMF.
Tag Cloud
Tagging of Topics
Thread owner can add and remove tags to the topic.
Tag Admins can tag topics and remove tags.
Clicking a tag returns a list of tagged topics that have that tag.
Recent tagged topics on tag cloud page.

Place all bug reports and feature requests on this site:

I understood, what's this mod! Any demo please?;) For custom theme any changes? :P

Yeah what is this... ??

Did you look at the screenshots?

Basically it allows you to tag posts with topics they are related to.

For example this topic: mods, smf, php, tagging

Custom theme changes involve both Post.template.php and Display.template.php for keyword posting and display. Index.template.php for link to tag cloud.


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