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Hello, i have problem with converter. When i have entered all, i click on Continue and i have a white page.
In this white page, if i refresh, i have :

Recalculating forum statistics... can you help me please ?

Thanks you and sorry for my english ^^


--- Quote from: kjaonline on December 25, 2011, 06:40:18 AM ---Hello I'm getting this error.

--- Code: ---Notice: Use of undefined constant PATH_LOCAL_CACHE - assumed 'PATH_LOCAL_CACHE' in /home/kjalcord/public_html/ on line 26
--- End code ---

--- End quote ---

I'm getting this error as well.


I have put in my FTP this files : convert.php and vanilla_to_smf.sql and when i put in Google Chrome : [nonactive] i have an error 500. Please, can you help me ? Thank you :)

Someone know the solution for this error

--- Code: ---Converting members... Successful.
Converting boards... Successful.
Converting topics... Successful.
Converting posts...Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (id_board)

--- End code ---

Vanilla forum version

I ran into this problem as well. You probably have orphaned comments - comments that have a DiscussionID that no longer matches a discussion.

You'll need to edit your Vanilla database to delete all comments that have a discussion id that no longer exists in the discussions table


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