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SMF Trader System (1.6 Released) Now Supports SMF 2.0!

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A trader system for SMF. Trader count is displayed under each member's name in a topic. Also trader information is displayed in their profile.

Member's of you forum can rate other members as either a buyer, seller, or a trade deal.
!Do not show listings in submit feedback if already rated the listing - SMF Classifieds
!Do not show the submit feedback link for yourself
!Do not ask for short topic url if classifieds option says you require to select a listing
 - SMF Classifieds integration

!Major changes
+Feedback by pages
+More settings

Version 1.1 Released
+Moved language strings to a language files
+Added trader rating approval system. Admins can now approve ratings
+Will send a PM to a user when a rating is added to their profile when it is approved.

Place all bug reports and feature requests on this site:
Have you updated this to enable admins/mods to review the feedback before it gets left?


Nice mod ... I played with it before :)
Yes nice mod.. but it will be over-abused... The feedback's have to be approved before they are left...!


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