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Name: Dan "dtm.exe"
Age:  16
Location: Charlotte, NC
Position: Retired SMF Support Specialist, SMF Friend

1. Do you have pets?
     Three pug puppies and three cats.
2. What is your favorite color?
     I have lots.
3. What kind of music do you like?
     Rock, rap, and techno are my three favorites.
4. What do you do on your free time besides spending time on SMF?
     Hang out with friends, party, etc.
5. What are your goals/dreams in life?
     To become a network administrator and to find my life-long love.
6. What got you involved in SMF?
     The desire to help others.
7. Who do you admire? Why?
     From SMF?  [Unknown].  He was the best.  It was a shame to see him leave.
8. Are you into sports?  If so which ones?
9. What is your dream job?
     Network administrator.
10. What was your first screenname?
     I think it was Da1nOnlyDanDaMan (for AIM...yeah, it's gay).
11. Do you have any piercings?
12. Are you a lefty/righty or ambidextrous?
13. Do you have any tattoo's?  If not do you wish/plan to get one?
     I don't have any and I don't plan on getting one/many.
14. Do you have any siblings?
     Three brothers.
15. What is your favorite website?
16. Do you play computer games?  If so which ones?
     World of Warcraft...FOR THE WIN.
17. Do you play video game consoles?  Which ones?
     Consoles?  Ew.  :P
18. Are you married or planing to get married?
     Heh, I'm only 16 :P.  Will I get married?  I don't know...
19. How many languages do you speak?  Which ones?
     I speak English.
20. Do you drink?
21. Do you smoke?
     Not cigarettes...
22. Did you play hookey from class?
     All the time.  I'll complain to my mom that I'm..."sick".
22. Do you have a license?
     Heck yes.
  a. Do you own a car?
       Yeah.  A Dodge Neon.  It pwns.
  b. Have you ever been stopped for speeding?
       Nope.  I normally only go only 5 miles over the speed limit.  If you see me going any faster, I'm probably late for school :P.
23. Do you obtain a good amount of sleep daily?
24. How do you sleep?
     I usually lay down on my bed.
25. Have you ever been on an airplane?
     Yes, three times.
26. Have you ever broken a bone?
     My foot.
27. Do you wear jewelry?  If so what jewelry do you wear?
     Nope, none.
28. How do you dress?
     It depends on my mood, really.  One day I'll dress preppy, the next I'll dress emo :P.
29. How many keys are on your keyring?
30. What time do you go to bed?  What time do you wake up?
     I go to bed at 2am or later on school nights and wake up at 7:50am.
31. What's the freakiest thing you have done?
     It's a secret.
32. Do you live alone?
     At home with my family.
33. How many hours a day do you spend in the computer?
     It depends on if there's school that day and if I'm working or not.
34. How many hours a day do you spend in SMF?
     Not as many as I'd like to.  Lately, I've been on for about an hour a day.
35. How about What is your favorite beverage? Coffee, Tea, Soda, Beer, other?
     Grape soda, iced tea, milk.
36. What do you hate?
     As far as...?  I hate school and sometimes life.
37. What do you love?
     Lots of things.
38. What is your religion?
     Catholic, but I have atheistic views.
39. What is your hair color?
40. How tall are you?
     I think I'm 5'5".
41. How much do you weight?
42. What's the feature on SMF you can't live without?
  a. As an administrator?
  b. As an end user?
       Quick reply.

Do you love that pic or is that the only one you have? :P

* JayBachatero wonders what does Dan smoke :P


--- Quote from: JayBachatero on February 23, 2006, 11:27:05 PM ---Do you love that pic or is that the only one you have? :P
--- End quote ---

I think it's a good pic!  No, it's actually the best one I have.

--- Quote ---* JayBachatero wonders what does Dan smoke :P
--- End quote ---

* dtm.exe hands Jay a tall glass of SHUT THE F*** UP!  :P ;D

Bah, how could I forget to post a picture of my alter ego!

I know what dtm.exe smokes :P

It is ca*****s... I wonder what that is :-X



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