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Add a switch to turn off the "Latest Packages"

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Okay, this thing is annoying me to the damn hell.
Everytime I open the Package Manager, and specifically the Browse Packages section, that box keeps bugging me. It takes like forever to load up, and I'm not even interested in it. I'm only interested in the packages.

Either move it to the bottom so it loads after the packages or create a switch for it (and other fetching elements in SMF like latest version, news, etc.), but this thing is bugging me like hell as it is.


Matthew K.:
I do believe it's could remove it though if you want :P


--- Quote from: Labradoodle-360 on April 10, 2012, 10:35:21 AM ---I do believe it's could remove it though if you want :P

--- End quote ---
Point is that it's not only bugging me. There's lots of users who are waiting impatiently for that box to load without using it.

I think writing a mod for this is useless since something like this should be in the core by default. It's a core feature/bugature after all.

I agree and I also think other useless boxes should be removed. Smileys for example. It also has a huge impact on the performance of, especially because there are so many SMF forums.


Totally agree with these suggestions. I mean sure I can hack the template to remove them myself, but a lot of users don't have those skills. Those boxes have been annoying me for ages, cached or not. Usually what happens is that you don't go into admin every day once your site is properly set up, which means that whenever you do visit those pages you're stuck with waiting for that crap to load.


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