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    I tried in different time frames and different days. Previously bookmarks2.4 (I hope)  was installed in my system.
2.5 does not work ...

no... you missed my point.
Mods which were updated in a certain time period are screwed up on the mod site.
until they are updated again, you will continue to have the problem.

You could try downloading the mod, extracting it locally and the re-zipping the mod yourself.

Hoops. Misunderstood.  Thanks ...

 I havent tried the method you've mentioned upto now.

What I understand, I'll extrcat to my local disk, ftp to the smf site and then run the install.php manually.. Right ?

If so, does it also update the packages dir and the install list ?


extract it to your local disk and then RECREATE the archive yourself by adding the files into a NEW archive --- THEN try using the package manager


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