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[WIP] SMFLadders (Gaming Ladder MOD)

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Here's some early screen shots of what i've done so far (not that much done tbh because of a another side project ive been doing thats nearly done. so soon i'll be back on track on this and should have some more to show)

(click on images for full size)

These aren't just templates either. There is a lot of code behind them. I've only just recently tried to make them look nice. I have some more pages/functions done like the create a team/report a result but there not 100% complete yet and may change so no point in showing them.

Also bear in mind that im planning todo some more pages there just not all listed in the side bar menu just yet, thats all.

Another thing...I wasn't planning to post screen shots yet because im unsure how long this is going to take me as im a student atm and well you know the rest...So please dont ask when it will be done ;)

Very nice! :D

Awesome Work .. KiLLuMiNaTi-7-


Unbelievable  ;D

when will this be completed?
i could swear a few times if this actually gets finished (hopefully rc2 as well).

my only regret using smf is the total lack of gaming mods. thing is clans all the time are looking to change/move and try new sites and I can never recommend SMF due to its lack in gaming mods.

Killa if you get really into this stuff I have a very large Clan/Community (about 100 dedicated and linked to many other clan/communities (within Xbox Live mainly).
And have many ideas and programs we would like for someone to possibly build. We would obviously pay you to build them.

Example some programs:
1) Clan Match database with records of mathces, stats of players, win, loss, ratio's, played, maybe clan match heroe ladder with most wins etc.

2) Competition database style program with records kept of all internal competitions and their winners, runners up etc.

3) Complex medal system. We had this on old forums but cant seem to get it to work on here or find mods. Medals are 50x50 and we usually have 16 medal slots. They used to go in the profile post so all could see, below avatar but its difficult to fit on SMF forums. I was thinking maybe a scroll over popup gallery with the link (pic) on your profile, so members scroll on it and it displays the medals youve earned.

4) Clan Match CUstom Post field. So people have to follow the setout when filling in a thread with the clan match write up.

these are just a few and we'd pay for all of them to be honest.
so once this mod is done get back to me if you haev the time and interested.

Good luck!


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