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My forum does not send any mail. A week ago I have received from my host the following:
Soon we will be applying new mail rules which will do the following :
1- prevent outgoing email with FROM address (both envelope and header FROM) that's from a domain not hosted on the server .
2- prevent specific subject lines for known spam words like viagr* etc.. for outgoing email .
Note: you must be aware that a small portion of contact forms and similar mailing scripts does send emails as FROM the mail submitted in the form (for example mail from in this case the mail will be blocked and you need to modify your script to send from a local domain on the server .

And in error log I can find this:;sa=picktypeRan into problems sending Mail. Error: 550 Sender verify failed

How can I solve this? Where can I set SMTP mail server? I have found just settings in Maintance-Mail. I have set this to SMTP, I have also set correct settings for mail server .......? Are there any other settings for SMTP server?

Thank you.

青山 素子:
Based on what you posted, you'll need to use a valid e-mail address for the domain that the website is using. Change the "Webmaster Email Address " in the server settings of your SMF admin area.

Thank you, I made a mistake in email.


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