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Require captcha for users under specified post count

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Using 1.1.16 with many mods.

Forum being overwhelmed by spammers and I need to fight back. I've already installed some mods that help with this and have also taken some steps on the registration side.

I believe this problem will be easily mitigated with the imposition of captchas for members below a certain post count. I believe this is easily achieved in 2.0.2, but for the life of me have been unable to find a way to do this on 1.1.16.


Captcha was broken a long time ago, so it does not work anymore. The only thing captcha does is annoy your users, so it's not needed. Use verification questions instead.

Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't say how to achieve this. :(

I'm convinced the spammers have already successfully registered hundreds of accounts that are lying dormant, but will eventually be used to spam the forum like there is no tomorrow. If not captchas then I'd like to use verification questions for users below a certain post count. Point is that I want to have some added security for members below a certain post count.



--- Quote ---have already successfully registered hundreds of accounts that are lying dormant
--- End quote ---
What I'd do: complete spring cleaning, even if it takes hours or nights. Kill the captcha, get the verification question mod up and running asap with a few good questions, delete all 'members' with 0 posts (maybe leave the most recent ones and check their ip's).

I'd say a member is someone who participates, 0 posts = 0 membership, if you've got heaps of zero posters just trash them. Forget about getting some impressive forum membership statistics or whatever reason one may have to keep them, security is far more important. BTW, 1st step: a complete phpmyadmin + ftp backup.

There are a number of CAPTCHA mods for 1.1, but they seem to all be for the registration phase. One, , says it can be used for guest posting. Perhaps you could modify the code to check whether the poster is a guest and/or has fewer than N posts? Be sure to search for captcha in the mods section.

CAPTCHA is losing its effectiveness, as spammers employ either sophisticated image analysis or farms of humans. There are some CAPTCHA mods that use pictures of objects or entail reading analog clock faces -- those might work for a while. If you suspect that you already have a bunch of spammers registered and lying in wait to strike, I would take the earlier advice and purge all 0-post members who have been registered for more than a day or two.


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