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SMF admin panel backup is crap! Can we have a patch release to remove it please?

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--- Quote from: MrPhil on April 27, 2012, 05:02:28 PM ---Bad kitty! Hold out your paw so I can slap it!

Hey, sheath those claws!!!

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Angelina Belle:
I can understand  that the incomplete backup problem was missed in beta testing.

It has been mentioned before, in support issues for some time.

It seems that we have had a failure to communicate -- somewhere between support team and dev team, the severity of these issues was lost, and the fix was never made.

I thought SMF 1.0.x  had already reached EOL?


--- Quote from: AngelinaBelle on April 30, 2012, 01:03:51 PM ---I thought SMF 1.0.x  had already reached EOL?

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According to that link, that's just the announcement - EOL doesn't happen until December 31st this year. If that is what you meant, then I misinterpreted your comment, and feel free to ignore mine...

EDIT: Lol, got a warning telling me the title of the topic was too long, haha.


--- Quote from: 医生唱片骑师 on April 23, 2012, 02:38:34 PM ---I agree, it costed me my forum once because I had no idea that admin panel backups didn't work. So, I'd say yes :)

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It cost me mine too, as Mr. Phil will attest that it put to my knees in tears (Hey Mr. Phil!) and as K@ will surely attest, as he was bearing with me throughout the adventure. I was a couple weeks trying to get it back on line, along with blowing through 4 different hosts, while being dogged by DDoS attacks at every turn. Funny thing was, after all that, all I really needed to do was to rename the database!

I back mine up every couple of days or sooner, and then I test it in another website that I have, that I uploaded SMF onto purely for test purposes (that site doesn't otherwise need a forum).
I "import" the db, and then after I get the OK, I physically look at the forum online to make sure the database looks just like it did on it's own site, then I "select all" tables and click "drop". I do it a couple times a month but I had a scare today, and got that sinking feeling again, that may encourage me to test it even weekly.

And as far as this thread subject goes, then I guess I just have to abandon that handy in-forum database backup. It worked on every backup this month except the one I tried today, for which I repeatedly got an instant "done" message but the backup is 0 kb.

Angelina Belle:
 Oh well, when you are as old as I am, December 31st feels like tomorrow   :-[   


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