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[quote author=fullmoonya link=topic=298641.msg3286153#msg3286153
try to find the codes in buddies.php in source directory and look for the codes there.


look only for this codes, it is in line 365 and 404:

--- Code: ---$buddies = explode(',', $user_profile[$_GET['u']]['buddy_list']);
--- End code ---

and change those to:

--- Code: ---$buddies = array_filter(explode(',', $user_profile[$_GET['u']]['buddy_list']));
--- End code ---

many thanks, it was very easy.... :)

but i must run a script as described?
How can i do this?
should i make a php file and run from my browser?
i am a bit confused.....


--- Quote from: fullmoonya on February 28, 2012, 11:08:27 PM ---
--- Quote from: Quexinos on February 27, 2012, 01:23:22 AM ---Okay so... I installed this and apparently my users who have added buddies prior to this mod don't have those added buddies in their buddy list and they can't remove or add them... any idea how to fix this?

--- End quote ---
try this one posted by punja..

--- End quote ---
I would if I knew what file to edit

oh it was buddies.php okay... I ran the script too, I just uploaded it as test.php ... that should do it right?


--- Quote from: Quexinos link=topic=298641.msg3286808#msg3286808 --- I ran the script too, I just uploaded it as test.php ... that should do it right?

--- End quote ---

i also run the script.... and here is my result:

--- Code: ---139: string(3) ",42"

fixed: string(2) "42"

164: string(2) ",4"

fixed: string(1) "4"

180: string(2) ",2"

fixed: string(1) "2"

323: string(17) ",14,160,160,301,4"

fixed: string(16) "14,160,160,301,4"

--- End code ---

is that mean that works ok?
i am wondering if i finish with this or not...

Okay it didn't work, some users still can't add buddies...

any other ideas on how to fix this?


How to add Recent Profile View block in ultimate profile?


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