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Joshua Dickerson:

* September, 2010

* Have wiki setup to include the skin and extensions
* October, 2010
* Release the wiki with 2.0 documentation
Priority right now: get the documentation ported and fixed for 2.0. It will require the most amount of time.

See the todo list on the wiki.

Jakob von Feldern:
I have been trying to help you get the current docs ported, but I just started school (Don't even get me started on how much I hate it) and it is taking most of my time. I get about 4 or 5 total hours to myself, and unfortunately, I use most of it on other stuff that I HAVE to get done. :( I will still port one here and there, or correct one, but as of now, you can expect a decrease in my activity. :(

Joshua Dickerson:
Okay, no problem. Thanks for the assistance.

Jakob von Feldern:
No problem, I like to help out with things that I believe can go far. (I believe SMF can go even farther than it already is, I am very confident in that.)

Angelina Belle:
What do you think of moving the todo list to a project namespace, in order to reserve Help: for "how to use the wiki" and "how to edit the wiki"

Right now, there are 3 todo lists on the Community portal. When I found it, it seemed to contain an administrator's todo list. I added stuff related to what I've read on this board and seen on the wiki.


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