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Hey Guys ! HELP ME OUT !


I will be Crystal Clear !
I want to load a certain part of the webpage ! and integrate in my SMF forum ! ok so the best part is I can integrate that ! but I Really dont know the first part that how to load only certain area of the other website !
let me tell you what i want to do is to have only image upload area by I have attached some Screen shots for better details !

2 attachments
1st one is the whole site
2nd one is wat i want to load from this site !

So kindly tell me if any body know it ?>


I don't believe that there are any mods which link that service...

other than that, I really have no idea what you are asking.

some things to keep in mind
1- post titles should be descriptive. "help me out" is useless as a post title. Many helpers skim through the post titles looking for things they can help with.
2- write in full english (or your language) sentences.
3- be specific. "I want to load a certain part...." "...certain area..." etc is again, non descriptive.

so, after typing this... I might have figured out what you want (I still don't know)
Do you want an image upload feature for your site which watermarks the images using

If so, then you need much more than just that.
1st, you need a feature which allows uploading of images to your site  -- unless you are trying to do the watermark on images uploaded as attachments?
2nd, you need to find out if has an API....  from what I can see, it does not.
3rd... well, I think you are out of luck. That service works "...from your Flickr, Facebook or Picasa account" not from another website.

most of the gallery softwares already have watermarking built in anyway...

Thread title is horrid, but try this -

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
Have you found what you needed, or do you still need assistance with this?


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