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So, as you may have heard - I set up a test forum in which I installed over 160 mods.

Now... I can manually reset the forum using the large upgrade archive - but that doesn't clean everything.

So, I wrote a script which does.
1- truncates/removes the error logs from the DB
2- truncates/removes the package list from the DB (thus marking all packages as "uninstalled")
3- removes (via delTree) any themes installed, other than default
4- removes all installed themes (other than default) and all member options from the smf_themes tables
5- removes the backup tar.gz files from Packages/backups
6- removes *.php~ files from the forum root, /Sources, /Themes/default and /Themes/default/languages
7- removes *.css~ files from Themes/default/css
8- removes most of the common hooks

it does NOT:
delete mod specific installed files (i.e. mymod.php)
remove mod specific installed tables or columns from the database

BEWARE: the does only a minimal security check for admin - it is NOT recommended to leave the file sitting in an accessible place on your server

BEWARE EVEN MORE - this script does NOT ask for validation...  it WILL delete settings, directories and files without asking you. It assumes that you intended to run it....

A- The reset script has been uploaded to the forum root (i.e. where Settings.php and SSI.php are)
B- you have also uploaded a file called "" which has the clean forum files. (my file is the large upgrade package with the avatars, the smileys, the upgrade files and core theme directory removed)

FINAL WARNING - the actions in this script are NOT recoverable without a full backup of your database AND files. If you don't have a backup, then take one!

Matthew K.:
Also might be good to note that this is for SMF 2.0x only, and not the 1.1x branch. Great idea, Kindred.

thanks, this is a good tool to have in mind

Very nice. :) I like it. Was there not another one that did the same thing in the works or is this it. ???

Matthew K.:

--- Quote from: Bigguy on February 16, 2012, 12:22:20 AM ---Very nice. :) I like it. Was there not another one that did the same thing in the works or is this it. ???

--- End quote ---
No...Yoshi wanted one developed, and I said I'd do it, but only started a little bit today.


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