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I can not add a theme

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Hi, I can not add a new theme because I still get the message how to add:

--- Quote ---There is a theme with the same package id. Please change the id and reupload again.
--- End quote ---

Someone already uses the same id. Just change ID of your theme and try to send it again

Co to znaczy identyfikator motywu? Właśnie nie rozumiem tej kwestii.

Pisze po polsku bo to nasz ojczysty język.

--- Code: ---What do you mean the ID theme? I just do not understand this issue.
He writes in Polish because it is our native language.
--- End code ---

Add a new theme where?  To your own site or upload it to the customization/theme site here on

Here I want to add szblon I made to be able to use it, and others. But I can not add to the SMF is still bald as described above.


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