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Does anyone know what these mods are?


I do hope this is the right place, however I am creating myself the forum and I want the layout (the mods on the pages rather than the themes) that these sites have. I was wondering if anyone knew what mods were used on


Catalyst Gaming

and here

Pumpkin Bread Gaming

(They should be first results on google.)

Mainly the latest posts, the homepage itself and personal menu along with the news. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Catalyst gaming: SimplePortal and a lot of custom editing.

Pumpkin bread gaming: Adk Portal and also a lot of editing.

Seems like you should ask the site authors on what they use for edits :)


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Alright, thanks for the quick reply. :)

Time for me to get working then.

Be warned as both mods do a similar job you can NOT use them both.


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