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My Questions on MYSQL & Database


Hello, there is my question:

I have a SMF Forum 2.0.2, and

1. I wanted to ask if there is another option you can choose to not need to activate the MYSQL, because when you install the forum asks the database.

2. Know any free host where, if I copy all the files using filezilla to my PC for backup work?
I mean that in a free host where I have tried something before, and turn off accidentally MYSQL! And to turn it back on to enter my forum saying something like this: Unfound dbmain_ database (Numbers) .......

If you know you want a host as I said before, that nothing happens if I deactivate vuelveria MYSQL and reactivated, and that if he wanted to pass it to another site and nothing happens to work properly.

I hope I was explicit, many thx SMF!

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
In order to move a from one server to another, you need a copy of the existing database. The database includes all the topics, posts, users, settings, etc. that make your forum.
The files only control the way the forum looks and behaves.


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