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Where to Extract SMF Zip File?

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I'd work on getting the place up'n'running, before worrying about redirects and that kinda stuff, myself.

Let's face it, who the heck even notices whether there's a "www" or not, nowadays?

All people want, is for things to work. HOW they work, doesn't concern them. :)

Namecheap said it would take several minutes. http://www.mydomain/ currently shows "Page not found or server unavailable."

I agree about just getting this to work. That would be great!

www vs no www is a non-issue at this point, but thought I'd mention what Namecheap advised about this. :)

Ah. Well, let's wait for that "Few minutes", (which could be hours) and see how it goes, yeah?

Yes, several minutes could potentially mean over an hour. But I'd rather wait the "few minutes" that you mentioned. I find it hard waiting for good things like SMF. :)

I find that most things "Internet" take far too long.

It's kinda like watching a snail race. :(


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